This website is now static html, I have no time to write anything and Wordpress has more security holes than a Swiss cheese, and so the migthy wget -m replaced the ugly php. For sure there will be problems with this new version, but that is life.

Usability of Everyday Things – Traffic Lights

In my way back home from the office sometimes I have to pass this traffic light, it’s at one end of Butt Bridge at the corner with Eden Quay, in Dublin (Ireland). The driver that arrives at the stop from the bridge can choose between three directions: left turn, right turn and straight. When the [...]

svn – Valid UTF-8 data followed by invalid UTF-8 sequence

This happened to me some time ago while working with a subversion repository in which there were some files created in Windows with a strange encoding. Issuing a simple svn status gave me this error message: svn status svn: Valid UTF-8 data (hex: 4b) followed by invalid UTF-8 sequence (hex: fc 63 68 65) I [...]

Upgrade and Migration

Today I’ve upgraded the version of wordpress to the last one, this site was still running on wp 2.6 due to the Gengo plugin (an old and discontinued multilingual plugin). From today I’m using wpml, let’s see if it works. If you find that there are some errors (broken links, feeds not working, …) please [...]