This website is now static html, I have no time to write anything and Wordpress has more security holes than a Swiss cheese, and so the migthy wget -m replaced the ugly php. For sure there will be problems with this new version, but that is life.

Pligg Italian Language for version 9.9.5

Pligg is a MYODLWSMS (Make Your Own Digg Like Web Site Management System) written in PHP and it is used to make digg-like websites (this can’t surprise you, right?).

Since I wasn’t able to find a translation into Italian, I made one by myself starting from a previous version (I can’t remember where I found that translation, if you recognize it as yours drop a message and I will give credit).

Here you can download the file:

Pligg 9.9.5 Italian Translation

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  1. Pligg CMS Forum

    Pligg 9.9.5 Italian Translation…

    I all, I found the Italian translation I was looking for here
    “Pligg Italian Language for version 9.9.5 ” at arjuna del toso
    it seems to work well but I have not tested it in deep.
    Maybe is useful ……

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