This website is now static html, I have no time to write anything and Wordpress has more security holes than a Swiss cheese, and so the migthy wget -m replaced the ugly php. For sure there will be problems with this new version, but that is life.

Inst. El. s.n.c. – Hydroelectric Energy

Using WordPress as a CMS allowed to quickly build a full featured website for a small but dynamic company, WordPress also ensures that all the future needs and changes on the web presence of the company (i.e. blogs, newsletters, forums, …) will be easily deployed using it’s powerful plugin system.

Inst.El. snc. is an Italian company specialized in the production of Hydroelectric Energy using the best technology on the market, the so called Archimedes screw turbines. Inst.El. has also a wide experience on solar photovoltaic systems and electric plants for home and business.

Note: the website is in Italian language only

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