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Load the MeSH vocabulary into a MySQL database. A simple script.

A simple script written in Java to load the MeSH terms into a MySQL database.

This script simply loads the MeSH terms (the value of “/DescriptorRecordSet > DescriptorRecord > DescriptorName > String” XML tag) that can be found in the MeSH XML formatted version of the vocabulay ( into a MySQL relational database.

Download the script or read it:

 * @author Arjuna Del Toso
 * @url
 * @FAQ: what the hell is this?

 * A simple, very simple, program to load the MESH Terms to a MySQL database
 * 1-configure some stuff in the code ("//: CHANGE A VALUE HERE" string is a placeholder for what to change);
 * 2-install the required packages (jdbc connector [] and dom4j []);
 * 3-compile it ($javac;

 * 4-put the MESH Descriptor XML file and the MESH Descriptor DTD file in the current directory;
 * 5-run the program ($java mesh2database) and wait;
 * 6-enjoy the 20.000+ records inserted in your database.

// Some imports in order to run this program; you need

// the jdbc driver for connecting to MySQL database
// and the dom4j package for XML manipulation
import org.dom4j.Document;
import org.dom4j.DocumentException;

import org.dom4j.Element;
import org.dom4j.ElementHandler;
import org.dom4j.ElementPath;

import java.sql.*;

// a very fanciful name
public class mesh2database {

	// all work done here
	public static void main(String[] args) throws SQLException {

		// load the jdbc driver

		try {
		} catch (InstantiationException e1) {
		} catch (IllegalAccessException e1) {
		} catch (ClassNotFoundException e1) {}

		// the connection to mysql db

//: set your database values
		final Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/table", "user", "password");
		// a preparedStatement in the hope to improve speed

//: configure to match your database schema
		final PreparedStatement s = con.prepareStatement("INSERT IGNORE INTO `table`.`mesh` (`id` , `mesh` ) VALUES (NULL , ?)");

		// the MESH Descriptors XML file,
		// can be found at

//: insert the path to your mesh file
		File file = new File("desc2007");

		// enable pruning mode to call me back as each node is complete

		SAXReader reader = new SAXReader(false);

		reader.addHandler( "/DescriptorRecordSet/DescriptorRecord/DescriptorName/String",
				new ElementHandler() {
			public void onStart(ElementPath path) {}
			public void onEnd(ElementPath path) {
				// process a single element

				Element meshDescriptorValue = path.getCurrent();
				Element descname = meshDescriptorValue.getParent();
				Element descrecord = descname.getParent();

				// remove .toLowerCase() if you are Case Sensitive ;) 

				String meshHeading = meshDescriptorValue.getText().toLowerCase();

				// i just don't want something like
				// "DNA Degradation, Apoptotic"
				// as single record in my database

					// simple debug code (outputs the MESH DESCRIPTORS) 


					// the database INSERTs executed here
					try {
						// insert current value in the preparedStatement
						s.setString(1, meshHeading);
						// execute the statement

					} catch (SQLException e1) {}
				// prune the tree

		// just reading the file will do all the work
		try {
			Document document =;
		} catch (DocumentException e) {}

		// closing statement and connection



In order to run this script you need the Java compiler, the MeSH XML file, a MySQL installation and two java libraries: MySQL Connector/J and dom4j.

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